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Did the parameter for status.receive() changed?



We recently start seeing issue with status.receive()

On wiki page

it mentioned there are 4 parameters like:
Status.receive(boolean, map, map, map)

But the error message I got mentioned that it should be
Status.receive(boolean, map, map, map, boolean)

By using the above (set the last boolean to true), it does solve the problem. But i'm not sure what is does and I don't see any documentation about it.


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      Hi Jinjun,

      Thanks for raising this community question. 

      Indeed, the Status.groovy for Jira Cloud now has a "onlyDirectTransitions" parameter of type boolean.

      As you can guess by the name, the purpose of this parameter is to decide whether you want Exalate to execute transitions that require more than one step (setting the argument to false) or only direct transitions (setting the argument to true).

      Best regards,


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