I have a Jira Cloud <> Jira Cloud connection. I am following the documentation very closely, and the connection works well for the most part, but whenever a sprint is closed and a new sprint is opened, issues which were in the queue will end up still having that now closed sprint as their sprint id. This causes an error when the sync happens as it is trying to put the issue into a closed sprint. Is there a way to avoid this issue in my script? I am currently following the guide (https://docs.exalate.com/docs/how-to-sync-sprints) exactly.

  1. Harold Oconitrillo


    May you please share the full error stack trace?


    Harold Oconitrillo

  2. Jonathon Sisson

    Hey, thanks for getting back to me! Unfortunately I just cleared out the errors that happened from this sprint before I made this post, so I will have to wait until next week to get you that stack trace. The error is something along the lines of "cannot assign an issue to a closed sprint".

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