I am using exalate to sync my data between Jira data center and Jira cloud. I am having a problem when sending data from the JIra cloud to the Jira data center. More specifically, I am trying to set the value of the Aha Reporter field when syncing from the cloud to the data center and the following line if not working and returns null even though the email is valid. Here is the code I am using in my incoming sync in the Jira data center. I am having problems with 1 specific user: daniel.bierman@softwareag.com. This email address is valid, I have checked it. The code works fine for other users as you can see in the log below the code:

def AhaReporter = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(issue.customFields."Aha! Reporter".value)
log.warn("Aha! Reporter === "+issue.customFields."Aha! Reporter".value +"------"+ AhaReporter)
  issue.reporter=   AhaReporter

Anyone knows why the function def AhaReporter = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(issue.customFields."Aha! Reporter".value) is working fine for all other users except daniel.bierman@softwareag.com? The email address is valid, I have checked it and a username should be returned like it has been done for all other users as shown below:

[2022-08-16 15:37:27,013] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === daniel.bierman@softwareag.com------null
[2022-08-16 15:20:30,828] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === daniel.bierman@softwareag.com------null
[2022-08-12 14:23:28,617] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === julian.krumeich@softwareag.com------{ @key : jkru}
[2022-08-09 17:18:35,984] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}
[2022-08-09 17:18:34,312] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}
[2022-08-09 17:18:32,435] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}
[2022-08-09 16:21:46,903] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}
[2022-08-09 16:21:44,871] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}
[2022-08-09 16:21:41,604] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}
[2022-08-09 16:21:38,620] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === cecilia.lauer@softwareag.com------{ @key : y12554}
[2022-08-09 16:21:36,697] <exalate.script > Aha! Reporter === philip.hake@softwareag.com------{ @key : JIRAUSER59600}

  1. Daniel Carvajal

    Hi Mouna Hammoudi 

    You could check the user's properties and verify the email address is exactly the same, as this method is using that to resolve the reporter.

    You can also use the following line in your DC incoming processor to check the actual value being received by the method.

    debug.error("The received reporter is: ${nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(issue.customFields."Aha! Reporter".value}")

    If the value and the email are equal on both sides then I would investigate why the key is "null"

    Hope this is helpful.



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