When syncing description or any wiki field from Azure to Jira on-Prem, images are not getting copied properly. Its shows thumbnail of the image instead of actual image like below:

Is there any reason for same? Is there any way to fix the same.

Also when syncing from Jira to Azure it gives below line:

I am using the transform scripts for the syncing and both scripts are having some loopholes it seems.

Can anyone help?

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      Hi Bhakti Prasad Panda

      Thanks for raising this question, in order for you to make sure this works properly please use the following snippets. 

      Jira Outgoing Sync:

      replica.description = nodeHelper.stripHtml(issue.description)

      Jira incoming script:

      //Place the following lines on top of your code:
      import com.exalate.transform.HtmlToWiki
      HtmlToWiki htw   = new HtmlToWiki()
      //Transforming description from Azure (HTML) to Jira (Wiki)
      issue.description  = htw.transform(replica.description)

      After verifying the code is correct in your side, please let us know the outcome, thanks for choosing our product for your best interest.

      Best regards,
      Jose Pablo

      1. Bhakti Prasad Panda

        Hello Jose,

        I am not sure whether you read my question properly. I suggest please read before answering. We already tried using above script in Jira incoming and its not working properly. Strange thing is it works sometimes and most of the times it doesn't.



      2. Ariel Aguilar

        Hi Bhakti,

        Isn't really useful to indicate sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, can you be more specific what is not working and in what cases? I believe Jose just made sure you are setting up the transformers correctly.

        Kind regards,


      3. Bhakti Prasad Panda

        Hello Ariel,

        When we sync description or any similar field except comments from Azure to Jira, the images in that text gets lost when comes to Jira. Please see the attached image which i added in my question.

        So basically it is loosing the image in between. My question is why is it happening?

        The code mentioned by Jose is already in use and using only that we are able to sync some part of description.

        I hope its clear for you now.


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