The problem is when an Issue with an object from Insight is commented via e-mail by a user without application access (and is not involved in any role in the Issue), such comment is added but the bridge to ServiceNow has an error that the user that commented does not have access to Insight object.

The error shows the line when get object method is called.  It happens when users sending the e-mail uses Group Mailbox instead of their personal one. At least from the examples I’m aware of seems that based a signature the person had access but from another mailbox, not the one they used.

Of course we advised our users to use personal, not group mailboxes for commenting and the group ones only for reporting new Issues. However as the impact of this error is big (blocks the whole bridge not only sync of one issue) we are looking for another solution. How to prevent such cases from happening?

  1. Francis Martens (Exalate)

    Can you provide the code snippet which errors out, and the details of the error?

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