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Ranking in the backlog and Sprint

It seems that the Ranking in the backlog and Sprint are not being recognized by Exalate. Is this expected?
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      Hi BG,

      Both require some TLC to get synchronized properly. 

      Let's first get sprint sync  squared away

      Check out the 'Simple Sprint Sync' article on this topic.  This is an externalized script which you can deploy on your environment to ensure that 

      a) Missing sprints are being created on the target

      b) Twin Issues get allocated to future / open sprints

      We are currently working on a native sprint sync capability such that it also covers sprint status (future, active, closed), dates and descriptions - the whole lot. 

      Regarding ranking - we found out to do this properly - you have to separate out the remote ranks from the local ranks.

      The problem here is that if your customer is electing an issue as the most important, it doesn't mean that the development team agrees.

      For Exalate it was to be caught between a rock and a hard place

      We tried to resolve it by splitting up the remote ranking from the local ranking such that as a project manager you do know that there is a small discrepancy between what your developers think from what your customer thinks.

      Nice information whenever having to negotiate between the different teams.

      Check out the Rank synchronization details to provide some suggestions.

      Let me know if it helps - or even if it doesn't.  We are here to help

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