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Get issue links, epic links and subtask on different connections between same instances



I did a quick search and found this question:

Preserve issue links between projects

saying is not possible to get issue links if two issues are exalated using different connections.

And that seems the case both for issue links, epic links, and subtasks...

It makes sense, since different connections can point to different instances, but in our case, in the past, we did two different connections to migrate issues between the same source/dest instances, just because different projects (with different logics, field mapping, etc...).

And now we need to migrate another project having many issue links to both the previously migrated projects, and also epic links.

FYI, we are Jira server to Jira server, and we do also have the Epic.groovy file, we have different thousand of issues in each connection. Now we know in the same groovy we can apply completely different logics just with an if but, unfortunately, we did not use this way in the past...

How do you suggest to workaround this?

I tried to think about it and I figured some possible solutions...

Is there any way to let Exalate knows he can "group" different connection together to find the counterpart issue in the same instances?

Otherwise did you ever developed a groovy that may helps with this need?

Something like saving the foreign issue ID in a custom field with the groovy of the first connection and sending it in a custom key and then creating an issue link manually in the second connection incoming script...

Third way: exporting in a csv issue key pairs (source, dest) of all the issues of one connection, and bulk connect them in the second (without executing groovy... should be possible I think).

I would really appreciate a tip from you, if you have already analyzed this need and the problems we will faces with it.

Thanks in advance! BR


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      Francis Martens (iDalko) any tip from you?

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