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How to map tasks to their related Epic using the 'Epic Link' field



We are having difficulty mapping Tasks to their related Epics in the "epic link" field. Epics are exalated successfully, however, no tasks contain an "epic link" for their related Epic. Source instance is a JIRA Cloud instance and our instance is a JIRA Server instance. We've tried to exalate Epics first and then the Tasks but that did not work.

Can you provide the recommended approach for populating the 'epic link' field appropriately in our JIRA server instance? We are using a coded approach for our custom sync.

Kyle Jenkins

  1. Ariel Aguilar

    Hi Kyle,

    Do you have the external script needed for Jira server? We have documentation on this, but yes you are right Epics should be synched first. Then, if you try "Exalating" a task within this Epic from Jira Cloud, you should be able to see, it got created under the Epic, in Jira Server.

    Here is the document, I am suggesting:

    Kind regards,


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