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How to Sync "Customer Request Type"



We have upgraded our Jira from server to DC. We had issues with sync and able to clear all those. But now I don't see that we cannot sync the Customer Request type(service desk field). We were able to sync that previously but its not working after we upgraded our Jira and Exalate.

I have tried adding this script in the rules but its not updating the customer request type in the Internal Jira.

Outgoing sync 

replica.customFields."Customer Request Type" = issue.customFields."Customer Request Type"

Incoming sync (create processor)

issue.customFields."Customer Request Type".value = replica.customFields."Customer Request Type"?.value

Can you please point me what I am doing wrong.



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      Setting the customer request is fully supported. 
      The normal course of action is

      • First try with a fixed value and see if that works
        • If it doesn't - try to understand why
          is the value provided, what is expected by the api
          are there logs pointing to root cause 

      • Then checkout the value being assigned dynamically.  Is it in the same format
      1. Shiva

        Hi Francis,

        I have used fixed value in incoming sync and it is updating the internal ticket with that value whatever I select in the external ticket. So looks like the fixed value is updating the Customer request type.

        So I used issue.customFields."Customer Request Type".value = replica.customFields."Customer Request Type"?.value in the incoming sync and it updated the internal ticket with empty value.(removed the existing value "Everything Else" - check screenshot). Is it not grabbing the values? Can you check the script I used. 

        We have same matching all request types in both instances and they are working fine previously.

      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Request types are specific to a service desk - you can't have matching fields.

        Check the content of  replica.customFields."Customer Request Type"?.value by using something like

        debug.error("Replica = ${replica.customFields.'Customer Request Type'?.value}")

        or inspect the remote replica ...

      3. Shiva

        I have tried the debug method and I got the error message like this,

        • Error Detail Message: javax.script.ScriptException: com.exalate.api.exception.IssueTrackerException: Replica = rs/2df7be82-7129-49fa-b864-ca3994d0b763

        It says sync rules error but I have added the script as mentioned above and also referred to this

        and customer request type sync but nothing is working. 

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