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Request type for sub tasks



I am trying to sync a subtask from a jsm cloud ticket to azure devops. The idea is that the sync is triggered from jsm on subtasks, and once the work item is created in azure devops, both are kept in sync, including comments.

Everything seems to work, except when i start mapping comments.

When i enter a comment in azure devops, there is a sync error:

Internal comments cannot be processed. The reason is: Request Type custom field is required, but not set

However, to my knowledge, request type is not required on the subtask, and we can modify the subtask on Jira directly without any request type filled in (there isnt even a possiblity to choose one as they are not mapped)

Comments from Jira to azure devops are working as they should.

I have in my head the solution of assigning the sub task to a request type so that it can be filled out in order to fix this, but i would like to know if there are more simple solutions.

Thanks in advance


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      It is what the error message is stating

      the JSM API doesn't allow to create internal comments in case that the request type is not set.
      Give it a try - set the request type and try again

      1. Kevin De Wolf

        Hello Francis,

        I noticed that it is not even possible to assign a request type to a subtask. 

        Is there another way to have exalate sync comments to subtasks in a jsm project so that it "bypasses" the internal/external comment thing and syncs it as a normal comment?

        I'm currently using the visual mapping for this, but maybe i can use scripts to do this?



      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        This is a dead end.

        We discussed the case today

        a) Internal comments require the request type

        b) request types cannot be set on sub-tasks

        Now - on the other hand, comments on subtasks are not visible on the portal,
        This might be a solution

      3. Kevin De Wolf

        We went with syncing the sub task comments as public comments, since they are not visible in the portal as you suggested.

        Thanks for the info

      4. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Top - please mark this answer as answering your question.

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