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Author mail is not synced for comments



According to Exalate supposed to pass Author mail for comments

However we noticed that it does pass key only

Our configuration is integration of ServiceNow and Jira Cloud

When a comment is created on SNOW end, we can use author.key to get user on Jira Cloud end assuming key is always mail

However, when a comment is created on Jira Cloud end exalate passes the following object

[BasicHubComment{@body=`from Jira`, @id=`null`, @remoteId=`10846`, @author=`{ @key : 557058:fb7725f1-1734-4344-9f23-340c93a2836b}`, @created=`2021-03-15 09:12:55.692`, @updateAuthor=`{ @key : 557058:fb7725f1-1734-4344-9f23-340c93a2836b}`, @updated=`2021-03-15 09:12:55.692`, @group=`null`, @role=`null`, @internal= `false`, @executor= `null`}] 

Which does contain only user guid in author.key thus we can't find corresponding user in SNOW end

Is this a bug and author.mail is missing or some changes which require updating the article

  1. Serhiy Onyshchenko

    Hello, Alexander Lukashov, might I ask you to check if this user "557058:fb7725f1-1734-4344-9f23-340c93a2836b" had made their email address public in their profile?

  2. Alexander Lukashov

    I changed mail to be visible by anyone

    Result is the same. Only key is included into the object. There is no mail included

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1 answer


    Disregard, the toString method on prints only key for some reason

    email and displayName are there regardless of profile settings

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