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how to note a comment coming from ZD to JSD?



in the use case, there is an automatic transition on JSD if the issue is waiting customer response and customer responds. in the integration. ZD is where the customer responds. 
the user from ZD can either be an agent or a customer on JSD, so i cant use the type of responding user for the rule. i need a way to identify a comment arriving from ZD.

to do that, i would like to add "some text" to make ZD internal comments unique.

Can you please advise on the outgoing (ZD) and incoming (JSD)?

alternatively, it will also work if the "exalate" user which is the default user on the comments could be made into a customer role, but for the life of me, i didnt find the user or its role on the JSD side.

Please assist.



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      Hi Francis Martens (iDalko), thanks for suggesting, but thats not exactly the case. (i just realized my description of the issue wasnt very good)

      on JSD, i set the issue to 'waiting for customer'. then the customer replies. then there is an automation rule, to transition from 'waiting for customer' to 'in work'.

      if the response comes from the JSD portal, all is working well. if its coming from ZD, the automation rule isnt triggered. 

      (the issue is around the user of the comment. if i remove user restrictions from the conditions of the automatic rule, then the rule works fine).

      to work around, i need to set some other trigger for the rule, on comments coming from ZD side.

      if i use issue.setStatus("Waiting for Support") on JSD incoming, this means on every change on ZD, the JSD will attempt/be set to the status. its possible that while 'waitign for customer' the user on ZD will edit other fields, which are not the comment.

      i tried using the code blobs from the exalate documentation to set the commenting user on JSD side, but all of those gave me errors. 

      so, now im thinking of adding a unique identified to the text of the comments coming from ZD, and i can trigger the rule based on the content of the comment. 

      can you advise on how to add some unique text to the incoming comment?

      or, now that the use case is better described, suggest another solution? 

      1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        You don't need to do the issue.setStatus("In Work") all the time.

        It cam be more advanced as in

        Incoming Sync - JSD
        if ( == "Waiting for Customer") {
           issue.setStatus("In Work")

        The exact conditions are to be setup

      2. ben friedman

        In my case, the exact condition is if a comment was added. How would i define such condition?

      3. Francis Martens (iDalko)
        if (replica.addComments?.size() > 0) {
           issue.setStatus("In Work")
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      From your description, I understand that whenever the JSD Ticket receives a ZD incepted comment, the JSD Ticket transitions to fi 'Waiting for Support'?

      What you could do in that case is add following to the incoming sync on Jira side

      Incoming Sync JSD side
      issue.setStatus("Waiting for Support")
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