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cant set property error when attempting to sync outgoing custom field



sorry if this is a newbie question (but i am...)

im trying to send a custom field from ZD to jira.

in the ZD out going rule, i have 

replica.customeFields."360036497632" = issue.customFields."360036497632"

im seeing this error on the ZD side:

Cannot set property '360036497632' on null object

i read in the documentation and understood that set error relate to incoming connection.

is the issue on the ZD side, or Jira side?

If its on the ZD side, what is the problem? The ID for the field is correct and i also tried using the name of the field, and got the same results. 

its a public connection. system fields are synced. 

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      Welcome to the community

      There is a typo on your statement

      replica.customeFields."360036497632" = issue.customFields."360036497632"

      should be

      replica.customFields."360036497632" = issue.customFields."360036497632"

      I'm not sure if you can spot the difference but it is in the left hand side of the assignment operator


      The names of the customFields on the replica don't need to be identical to the names of the customFields in the underlying ticket

      Ie. you could also have

      replica.customFields."Meaningful Name" = issue.customFields."360036497632"

      Hope this helps. If it is, mark it as an answer

      1. ben friedman

        Francis Martens (iDalko)  thank you!!

        relating to the comment on the names, i do need the replica field name to be the same on the in/out going sync, right?

        outgoing: replica.x = issue.A

        incoming: issue.B=replica.x

      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Yes - of course.

        The replica is a message being sent from A to B.
        The fields created on one end can then be used on the other side

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