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Need help on sync-ing a checkbox field with extra setting

Hi, I have a checkbox custom field named ‘Flagged’ with 2 options: Blocker Testing And I want to sync the Blocker option from remote side to my side and back. But I want to also set option Testing based upon the remote Status so I used the following rule in my Incoming rules: …. def checkboxCollection = replica.customFields."Flagged"?.value?.collect { a-> nodeHelper.getOption (issue, "Flagged", a.value) } issue.customFields."Flagged".value = checkboxCollection // Special case, if remote is Testing, then turn on the flag but don't change our status, so return if( == 'Testing' && == 'Fixed') { issue.customFields."Flagged".value += nodeHelper.getOption (issue, "Flagged", "Testing") //Check Testing checkbox issue.customFields."Peer Status".value = return } …. Exalate flagged the error: Script error for issue SNC-684. Details: Cannot execute null+null. Error line: Script37.groovy:257 Row 257 is the row highlighted in Red above. What is the problem with it? I tried to fix this myself, but could not figure out why it got error. The strange thing is that if I remove the first 3 rows (before the IF), then it would work fine. Thanks Hung
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