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How to get back status of the remote issue into a customfield reliably?

There is a request to store the current status of remote side into a customfield in our side. And we could do it with a text customfield named 'Remote Status', and set it's value in the Incoming sync rule from the replicate status. The issue with this is whenever our side changes status, even though that status update will be propagated to the remote side to drive the change of status there to a matching one, but that doesn't necessarily feedback to our side with that change so that the above incoming rule could be called. That means the Remote Status is always lagged behind the real status of remote side. How can we get that more reliably?
  1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

    We need to do some experimentation before providing an answer.

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    Hi Hung Nguyen,
    If I understand correctly the status changes accordingly on the replication site but the Remote status field no, correct?

    If so, have you tried to do something with automation for Jira (if available for you) or a post-function. It may be not the bets, but it will do the work that you need.


    1. Hung Nguyen

      Your understanding is correct. However, the solution can not rely on our side (local Automation, or post-function on our side), but rather in the possibility of Exalate to expose that information after a sync with remote side succeeded. Please note that in an Exalate connection, after a synchronization succeeded, we would be able to see the information of the remote issue, including the status, shown in the Remote panel (for admin). We would like to have some way to set that value correctly to a custom field for user to see and check.

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