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Jira Custom field - Requester Zendesk

Hi team, Can I sync a Jira text field with Requester to Zendesk, in the case, when i create tickets from Jira to Zendesk? Thank you!
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      Hi Christos Katsivas,

      issue.customFields."URequester".value = nodeHelper.getUserByUsername(replica.customField."Jira Text"?.value)

      You can do 

      1. Christos Katsivas


        URequester is the Zendesk system user field? Also, in the outgoing in Jira its required to write the following?

        replica.customFields."Jira Text" = issue.customFields."Jira text"

      2. Christos Katsivas

        Also, It does not works. I get the following error. 

        Script error details: Cannot get property 'Customer' on null object. Error line: Script715.groovy:176

      3. Juan Grases


        Yes you need to add 

        replica.customFields."Jira Text" = issue.customFields."Jira text"

        To your Jira Outgoing, replacing Jira Text with the actual CF name. Regarding the error you are having, it means that you are suing .Customer  on something that is null. Are you sure that 'Customer' is the name of the CF?

      4. Juan Grases

        Hi Christos, I realise now that this is not a custom field on Zendesk. Could you try doing:

        issue.reporter = nodeHelper.getUserByUsername(replica.customField."Jira Text"?.value)

        You can also use 

      5. Roman

        Hi Christos Katsivas ,

         Can you try issue.reporter = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(replica.customFields."Mood"?.value)

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