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Modify Connection Target


Hi I have refreshed my development server from production and now the connection in the dev server pointing to a production server and I want to point it to another development server. Is there away to modify the target server for the connection?  This connection uses the old 3 panels sync rules so I'm trying to test it in the format we have in production.

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      Hi, you can only do it with a SQL:

      UPDATE "AO_08F1AF_INSTANCE" SET "URL" = '' WHERE "ID" = $id

      Of course replace the values with the actual new url and the ID of the instance you want to change. To know which instance is, you might query them and check the NAME column.

      1. Ziad Qadora

        Hi Juan,

        Thank you for your response, I did change the URL in the database.  But when I click on the remote system it still takes me to the production instance. 

      2. Juan Grases


        I have updated the connection with another update that is necessary to fix that part of the UI. Let me know if it works.


      3. Ziad Qadora

        Thank you again for the information.  This worked, but linked issues are still pointing to production.  

        It seems the best thing to do to test the upgrade is to create new connection and then once testing is done, to apply any needed changes to the production. 

        Please let me know if you do have any other recommendations?

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