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How to hide Exalate sync panel/button for projects that are not using Exalate?

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    Hi Cloud Chiu,

     right now you can hide sync panel for all the projects and run your synchronization automatically using triggers. Also you can configure your Outgoing sync rules so only a specific project will be synchronized through the connection. For example:

    if (issue.projectKey == "AAA")
    replica.key            = issue.key
    replica.type           = issue.type 
    replica.assignee       = issue.assignee 
    replica.reporter       = issue.reporter
    replica.summary        = issue.summary
    replica.description    = issue.description
    replica.labels         = issue.labels
    replica.comments       = issue.comments
    replica.resolution     = issue.resolution
    replica.status         = issue.status
    replica.parentId       = issue.parentId
    replica.priority       = issue.priority
    replica.attachments    = issue.attachments
    replica.project        = issue.project
    //Comment these lines out if you are interested in sending the full list of versions and components of the source project.
    replica.project.versions = []
    replica.project.components = []

    Would this help?

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