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How to sync custom Date fields between 2 different jira servers

I've been referring to this documentation to update a custom Date Field between my 2 jira servers. However I can't seem to sync the date as whenever I try to exalate the issue, it doesn't get updated on the opposing side. I'm currently using this for incoming sync for both sides: replica.customFields."Contract Start Date" = issue.customFields."Contract Start Date" and outgoing sync for both sides: issue.customFields."Contract Start Date".value = replica.customFields."Contract Start Date".value Would I still need to change the date processor as its between 2 jira servers. I've linked the documentation below.
  1. Juan Grases

    Looks that there was a bug in the documentation, mixing the outgoing and incoming. Actually what you have in the incoming should go in the outgoing (and the other way around). Let me know.

  2. Adam Chin

    Juan Grases
    Thanks for the help, However I still seem to be getting an error.

  3. Roman

    heyAdam Chin . You have a null pointer exception on row 29 in your script. We had a similar discussion here: Cannot get property 'value' on null object . Can you if there is a value in that custom field and f the names or id's of these fields are entered correctly

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