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Sync method keeps changing to automatic

Despite setting the Sync method to manual, it keeps changing back to automatic whenever a specific team member connects an issue. What are we doing wrong?
  1. Roman

    Hi Brian Awalt

     Can you describe your case a bit more please?

  2. Brian Awalt

    Hello Roman 

    I have have (2) projects, a main project and a secondary project, each with their own team.  The projects have some overlapping objectives and share a team member.   Rather than duplicate overlapping tasks in each project and independently update both projects

    As admin, I created a connection between the two projects and set the sync method to manual.  I can then clone a task and move the clone to the other project.  Next I use Exalate to connect the issues.  These two issues are connected as I need them to be; a change to one is reflected in the other. 

    When the team member that is working the shared objective for both projects attempts to clone a task and move the clone to the other project an connect the issues using Exalate, the sync method between projects changes to automatic.  After this happens any new issues that are created show on both projects and are connected by Exalate, regardless if they are supposed to be.

  3. Roman

    Brian Awalt would have a time for a short call? I'm trying to reproduce this on my environment but without any luck.

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