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Bulk Sync: configuring mapping CSV

How do I find the issue key pairs (in Github and Jira) when trying to configure a mapping CSV file for bulk sync in Exalate?
  1. Juan Grases

    Do both issues (Github and Jira) already exists? Were they mapped using exalate?

  2. Brian Hyman

    There are approximately 1000 issues in Github and 0 issues in Jira. I'm trying to get those 1000 Github issues into a specific Jira Project (of which there are two). 

    They have not yet been mapped by exalate. I'm trying to figure that out currently. 

  3. Juan Grases

    I see, in that case, you will need to create a trigger on the Github side and bulk exalate, more details here:

    and here:

  4. Brian Hyman

    How can I learn or where can I access documentation on the platform search syntax to specify the filter query when setting up a trigger?

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