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Popular Use Cases


Escalate tickets, issues, bugs, blockers, or service requests to the responsible teams.
Save time on manual follow-ups. Improve the overall experience with proactive status updates.

Project Management

Enhance project management by mapping processes across various tools, automating status updates, and ensuring real-time data sync. 

Workflow Orchestration

Orchestrate complex business workflows end-to-end. Integrate multiple instances and automate data flow across all of them. Align with shared business objectives while preserving your unique workflow.

Service Management 

Reduce service time, and ensure clear and accessible proof of service delivery. Improve transparency and efficiency between teams. 

License Optimization

Eliminate the need to manually add users to multiple ITSM tools; establish a seamless connection for enhanced access and cost efficiency.

Information Consolidation

Keep an overview of all the tasks, distribute work in different systems, report with minimum effort & provide visibility to the management.

Cross-Functional Collaboration 

Create a great collaboration experience by connecting your work management tools. Make the communication clear, so the results are better and faster.

Cross-Company Integration

Manage your integration across multiple service providers, partners, or customers. Create a network of connected companies working towards common business goals.


Transfer data from one instance to another with no down-time and in a cost-effective manner. 
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